What To Do When You Lose Your Car Keys?

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Every now and then we have faced this unfortunate situation at least one time in our life. No doubt its one of life’s most frustrating moments. There’s nothing more inconvenient and stressful situations that losing your car keys. As a whole almost more than 25% of the people have lost their set of car keys at least once in their life. Some of people misplace it while at work, some accidently drop it and lose it while shopping and some lose it while visiting friends and family. While these happen, you can say for partial negligence a certain percentage of people claim that their car keys have been stolen. How you may wonder? Instances when our house was been burgled or while shoplifted from your handbag or even stolen from the car itself are some of the popular ways of stolen car keys.

What should you do when you find out your keys are missing?

Rule #1 Avoid panicking

There is simply no gain and no help from been panicked. It only can stress you more and make the situation worse for you and those around you. Take deep breaths and calm down, then trace your steps backwards to where you remember prior to finding out about the missing keys. Walk back or call and inquire from the places you visited about any missing key that they might have found or be aware of.

Rule #2 Read through your vehicle insurance

You might have forgotten this hence it would be wise to read through the insurance to find out if the policy covers lost or stolen keys. Be thorough with what is been covered by your insurance and what steps will be taken if you are interested in making a claim.

Rule #3 rely on mobile services

The next best thing in the agenda when you lose keys is to rely on the services of a trusted locksmith. It is advisable to obtain more than one copy of the key to avoid such instances from occurring again but make sure you keep the spare key in a discreet and safe place.

These locksmith in Adelaide Eastern Suburbs are capable of reprogramming keys in a way that the lost or stolen key will not be in a position to be used. Bear in mind that the cost will always depend on the type and make of the vehicle you drive.

Rule #4 always be prepared for repetitions

Nobody is perfect hence you simply cannot rely on yourself from avoiding such instances. Hence always be prepared. Spare keys need to be kept safe to be reused again and again. Of course you need to keep saying that it’s human to make mistakes.