We Are Dependent On Each Other

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The world consist of a systems and institutions formed to assist each other in life and to meet our needs. We all belong to a system or institution and we contribute to meet each other’s needs. We are all providing a service while purchasing a good or a service. In our life we need the support of professionals to meet our needs and wants. Sometimes non-professionals too become the unsung heroes in our life. We live to satisfy our needs, and for this we need enough money, and to earn money we exchange our manual labour or intelligence and earn our wages. The skills and abilities we possess make our labour more effective.

Fixing things

Many people do hard work and run around working fulltime and part time to meet their financial needs. There are some who work hard to satisfy our daily needs but for a very small return. For example the Handyman Brunswick who comes in when little things go wrong in or homes. Like when an electrical appliance doesn’t work, when a tap breaks or any other little issue at home.

When some things break or get damaged replacing it with a new one could be expensive and we will have to find a way to fix it, for this we could seek the assistance of these handymen. These people are called this because they are, skilled to perform multiple tasks. The above solution could be applicable for minor issues but when a need arises to fix or replace some major issues we will need the assistance of professionals.

Obligation or passion

In our life time we will encounter experienced professionals, men who do the odd jobs and great achievers. We learn something from all of them and our ways and behaviours are shaped by these experience we gain. By this we try to shape the system we live in. All of us are trained to do a job or task and we get a payment in return for what we do. Some of us work because we have to work and some follow their passion. Those who follow their passion will be more successful and happy at the end of the day than those who do things for the sake of doing.

Making the choice

Identifying our goal and passion is important before we choose a job. If we love what we do, we could go far but if we don’t, we will be stuck in the same place. An accounting job could show a promising future with a stable financial condition. But if that is not what we love it will not be as promising as it seems. So when choosing a path for ourselves it is important that we choose something that we love.