5 Basic Plumbing Tools You Need

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There are many plumbing repairs which can solved at home without calling a professional. All you need are some basic tools which will make your tasks easier.

Without the exact tools it is nearly impossible to fix those problems. It is not that you need the tools like a professional, but some basic tools are fine to work with. Thanks to those online swan plumbing Mandurah providers that will get all those important plumbing tools at ease and at the right price.

Here are some basic plumbing tools that you can use.

Pliers (tongue and groove):

This common tool looks like a pipe wrench and it is handy. Nowadays, a new tool has replaced this wrench and is called channel locks. It is also very handy; this can fix the problems quickly. Most of the plumbing problems need this as a starter tool. There are two parts of this tool one is called stabilizer and the other one is used to unscrew. This tool is available is many sizes; buy some of the different sizes according to your system.

Basin wrench:

This tool is also known as sink wrench. It is a basic tool used for most the sink related cases. Faucets dripping can be solved by this tool easily. Bathrooms and kitchens have sinks and there may be leakages for some problems; this tool can help to fix the problems. You can tight or lose the sink system whether it is applicable. This tool works better with a telescopic shank that makes the task easier. However, it is best to call a professional leak detection expert in case you are not a DIY guy.

Compression sleeve puller:

Water supply of your toilets and faucets is flowed through copper, PEX and CPVC tubes, and these have a compression angle stops. You can easily unscrew the angle stop by holding the back nut but the compression sleeve is not removed completely. You need a puller to remove it completely. The good part is that this tool opens the nut and compression sleeve without damaging the pipe.

Pipe wrench:

It is a very important basic tool for beginning. Many of the instruments need this for a tight fitting. Water heater, yard hydrants and pressure regulators need this for a good fitting or unscrew. Try to keep different sizes of the wrench for better use.

Adjustable wrench:

When you buy a basic set of plumbing tool you can see there an adjustable tool. There are many usages of it, like opening an angle stop compression nuts, supply flow to faucets etc. you can also use to open a shower head without breaking or leaving a scratch.

There are also other tools like screw driver, hacksaw putty etc. for basic purposes.