Month: August 2016

Why Opt For Architectural Paneling

Published / by Scarlett Solomon

There might be several reasons why you might consider adding on exterior paneling for a building. This kind of covering has several implications from an architectural point of view as a covering can provide structural integrity as well as aesthetic look. Today cladding is made of varied materials which can be of wood, concrete, synthetic materials, stone, metal and others. No matter what kind of material is used, the covering of the exterior of a building will help to protect it from the external weather elements as well as add a specific look and feel to a home.

Wood and its architectural significance

One of the common covering options for architectures is wood. While hardwood varieties are expensive, prefabricated wood can be chosen as the external covering material for any building which can be durable yet lightweight and can be molded to any design or surface. The deck sealing Sydney will be able to offer prefabricated wood of different finishes and textures which can make these units resemble any kind of hardwood variety. The wooden materials offer a building owner choice of different looks within an affordable budget range.

Composite materials

For those who are ready to experiment, many architectural firms or decking suppliers offer alternatives in composite materials like unplasticized polyvinyl chloride or UPVC. This is commonly referred to as vinyl casings. The vinyl claddings can be modeled to mimic the look of wood and is a cheap and easier option for home owners. The synthetic material is a pliable and lightweight material, but offers durability and waterproofing which are the main concerns when it comes to exterior paneling.

Stone and concrete

There can be different experimentation that is done for exterior coverings of buildings with materials like stone or concrete. One might think that these materials are heavy and non pliable but similar composed tiles and paneling units have made these material coverings a reality for many buildings. Concrete will help to make a building stronger and add a distinct look and feel which is similar to masonry works that are opted for the walls.

Find out more

You might be confused as to which material would be best for your building. It is ideal to refer to an architect who has experience with external wall coverings of buildings and will be able to advise on the different materials and covers that are available for the modern homes and buildings as well as the right choice considering the weather and other conditions of a region. There are several research materials that are offered on external coverings and materials which can be referred as well in order to reach the right decision for one’s home or building.